Change of plans

I don’t normally give up so quick, however, looking at my drawings, I’ve really digressed over the years because I’ve been creating my own designs in Microsoft Paint. Plus I was trying to draw on a small sketch pad. Anyway, I’ve decided, instead, to share some of my own designs that I’ve been working on.

They’re all side views because it’s easier for me to design the front, side and rear at the same time.

Alphabet Cars – B

For the letter “b”, I chose to draw a Buick Skyhawk. My parents bought a brand new 1984 Buick Skyhawk and it has always been one of my favorite cars that we had as I was growing up (and we had quite a few). The color of our Skyhawk was a light green with the rally wheels.

Alphabet Cars

As mentioned before, my friend from church, Debra, inspired me to start a blog here. Reading her blog I got inspired to do an “alphabet” theme based on cars instead of animals. I’m not as artistic as I would like to be, however, I’ve been drawing cars since I was about 3 years old. So here we go. My first submission, for the letter “a” is the 1975 American Motors Pacer. This is an interesting vehicle and was referred to as an “aquarium on wheels” to some and a “bubble gum machine on wheels” by others.